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Ellaine's Story

Ellaine admits that youthfulness is always on her mind and that she, like so many people, doesn’t want to look her age.

She points out that if it is good enough for celebrities, why can’t she knock a few years off her looks.

Why shouldn’t she aspire to look younger than her age?

Elaine had been for a consultation elsewhere, but had not received the reception she was expecting, which had put her off the idea of any treatment.

However, on the strength of a recommendation of a very good frined, Elaine came to Absolute Image, where Jill put her at ease right and away.

Since starting her treatments with Absolute Image, she feels a lot happier with herself and feels that she looks like she did 10 years ago. After a procedure, she feels like she is looking at someone else in the mirror, and can’t help looking at herself.

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