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Skin Cancer Awareness Month

7th May 2024 by Admin

May is skin cancer awareness month, spreading the word about sun protection has never been greater.

According to Cancer Research, there are 16,700 new cases of melanoma skin cancer per year in the UK. That is 46 new cases each day, however interestingly, 86% of cases are preventable.

Prioritising daily sunscreen usage is paramount to preventing skin damage in the first place, however finding an SPF that works for our clients routine, and more importantly, their skin, can be very tricky.

Our ZO Skin Health portfolio offers a broard spectrum of SPFs that are formulated with skin-nourishing ingredients in a variety of formulas and finishes.

We asked our owner and Aestethic Nurse Practitioner Jill Tait her go to SPFs.

Jill said, "Over exposure to the sun is the most common facter of damaged and aging skin. I can't stress enough how important it is to use a SPF every day, summer and winter. It's the most important part of my daily skin rejuvenation regime. For my skin tone I use the ZO Skin Health Smart Tone Broard Spectrum SPF 50. It simplifies my morning routine, but still keeps me protected and provides a little bit of colour coverage. An equally impressive alternative would be, ZO Skin Health Sunsreen + Primer SPF 30. The primimg effect provides a silky matte finish and the firming peptide gives your skin a plumping boost".

By simply applying a good SPF daily, Cancer Research say that melanoma skin cancer would be drastically reduced in the UK.

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