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The ultimate skin regeneration programme.

Smoother skin with fewer lines & wrinkles - Brighter more vibrant skin - Tighter skin with more elasticity

These medigrade skin programmes are carefully created using advanced, clinically proven products to give you excellent results in rejuvenation, skin-ageing prevention or problem skin resolution. So whatever your skin type or age, there’s a programme for you!

How it works

Each programme has been designed to give you the best results, building in intensity at times and leading to an ongoing regime. They’re split into phases of between 4 and 12 weeks, with each phase being supplied in a simple but elegant pack for you, including instructions for use. At the end of each phase you will return to the clinic for the pack for your next phase.

There are programmes from each of our world-leading brands; Endocare, Retriderm, Prescribed Solutions and Flovo-C. We’ve then combined the best technologies from across the brands to create the ultimate SKINSYNERGY programmes, maximising efficiency and the results you will see.

The range

Your skin will feel fantastic after this 8 week programme that’s packed full of all the goodness your skin needs to look and feel great, and protect it from the signs of ageing. As you work through your programme you’ll start to see enhancements in your skin. It’ll feel brighter and fresher with an even, more youthful complexion, but the key to this programme is helping to prevent the signs of ageing from appearing.

The programme is designed to get the very best from PRESCRIBEDsolutions™, a range that’s full to the brim with clinically proven antioxidants, DNA repair enzymes and anti-glycation ingredients to make sure you give your skin the best defence possible. Not only this, but the programme has also been designed so that it can be used as a straightforward ongoing daily regime, so once you’ve completed the first 8 weeks of the programme, you can simply keep repeating it and maintain your new enhanced complexion.

You can also work with your aesthetic professional so that they can review your skin over time and help keep it looking its best.

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